Tokyo School Life Review

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
Developer: M2 Co.
Publisher: PQube (Consoles)
Release: 14th February 2018
Price: 14.99

Were you ever in the mood for something cute? Truly wholesome? Well, you´re lucky if you think studying abroad in Japan is exactly that. Tokyo School Life is a cheap little visual novel that got a ocnsole port, to spread even more simple wholesomness.

We´re in the role of a young student who, after studying Japanese in school for a while, now is lucky enough to go to Japan to study abroad for some time. Hoping to meet lots of cute girls and discover many new things, he soon discovers he´s living with three cute girls during his stay! Unfortunately, he soon realizes they won´t be easy prey and he gets into more and more embarassing situations due to his clumsiness.

That isn´t just a cliché set-up, Tokyo School Life as a whole is as cliché as it gets. The first minutes are filled with our clumsy protagonist touching either the boobs of one of the girls by accident or spilling tea over them. Karin reacts unsurprisingly angry and pretty much fills the tsundere part while Aoi is something in between and can´t quite decide what she actually want to be. On the other hand, the third, Sakura, is the typical innocent maiden who can´t be mean to anybody.

And so, the 8-10 hours travel through Japanese school life is pretty much fille with blunders, panty shots and foreseeable twists. Naturally, all four them slowly grow closer through living together and learn the good sides of each other. If you expected anything more than that, well, there isn´t a lot. Given, Aoi is actually kind of interesting, due to the fact she isn´t as clearly defined as everything else.

Still, Tokyo School Life can be quite nice, if you go into it with the expectation of finding very common scenarios. For once, it´s quite relaxing and some slight entertainment for the evening time. And, it actually features the option to display English and Japanese text (with Furigana) simultaneously, similar to the Grisaia Phantom Trigger releases, which is great to practice Japanese, honestly.

The only thing I truly disliked about Tokyo School Life is its partial presentation, namely the animated sprites. While I commend the effort for delivering this kind of quality at this price, most of the moves just look … a bit off. A big part are the quite dumb looks and overanimated gestures of the three main girls. It´s not completely bad and still quite feasible but I wish it was more static, since the designs themselves are at least okay.


In the end, Tokyo School Life is exactly what it says to be: A school life in Tokyo without many surprises. Probably a nice tool to read Japanese if you´re searching for a releaxed slice of life adventure but otherwise doesn´t offer much and has some janky animations here and there. Still, 15 bucks are a really alright price for such a mildly entertaining ride.

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