The Evil Within 2 Review – A Way Into Greatness?

  • Farooq Ahmad

    Thank you, you made my purchase, pretty neat review, everything I wanted to know, you provided… thanks again!

    • Thanks and hope you have fun! Glad I could help 🙂

    • Souly

      Thanks, hope you have fun! Glad I could help 🙂

      • Farooq Ahmad

        Yeah mate, got it last night (here in Pakistan).
        I must say these guys saved the P.T. … the whole structure is there, open spaces/ get in any home/ each having its own story (hence the name was Silent Hill’s’)… and while Del Toro and Kojima mentioned of PT being in the same vein as The Last of Us (clickers!), finding those influences in TEW2 completes the story. This IS the completest form of PT we’ll get, even above RE-VII.
        Why your review took the cake?
        Man you wrote what a gamer needs to know. It wasn’t like making some nasty heads happy. Nothing was vague… you mentioned 3 big open spaces and that nailed it. I’m on Ch. 3 and 4 hours in… enjoying too much the exploration of Union.
        You clearly stated it has the cliche’-fest of 90s B-movie aesthetics, the specialty of Mikami… darn that nailed it. This is what we love of his games…
        It is ironic that its a Mikami game (RE specific guy) that saved the original design of PT.
        Loving every moment of it. Will add up my synopsis more.

        • So happy to hear you´re enjoying it and that my review could help! While I think that the first area is the best one I´d like to hear what you think about it once you finished it!

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