Accel World VS Sword Art Online Review – Extracted Pure Average

  • William Orlando Figueroa

    I knew AWvsSAO was just going to be another average SAO game. While the game is definitely better than Lost Song, I still don’t think the game is perfect. I especially hate it when the devs spended more time on giving a bit of focus on Kirito and the SAO girls than on the male SAO characters (Agil is bae) and the Accel World characters.

    This is why I’m more excited for Dot Hack G.U. I’m very tired of the SAO games.

    • Souly

      It´s definetly a very bland series, only created to grab some money off the fans without much effort or thought behind it. Hence I´m not sure if Dot Hack G.U. will be any better if they still didn´t learn it here but of course I´m also very curious to see how it will end up!

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