Sweet Switch (18+) Review – Switching it Up

Platforms: PC (reviewed)

Developer: ammolite

Publisher: Mangagamer

Release: 9th August 2018

Price: 14.99 (Mangagamer Store)

Sometimes, there´s this moment when all those huge, great Eroge/Visual Novel releases start to tire you out and while you would love to continue your journeys into those great worlds or pleasures, all of them are soo long. At least I feel that way from time to time and surprisingly found a great solution in ammolite´s Nukige titles. While never a technical or artistic marvel, their previous works could always excite me with their “unique” twists and fetishes. So Sweet Switch was quite the perfect fit for the pre-Gamescom stress I found myself in those past weeks.

You know those girls who get aroused just by being looked at? The sharper and more intense the more pleasure they gain, to a point where they just want to fuck you. Don’t you? Well, me neither and before playing Sweet Switch I didn´t even think about this “kink”. However, when student council president Sara began to unzip our main protagonist´s pants and gave him her virginity, simply because of his gaze, I knew for what kind of a trip I was in.

Sweet Switch is a Nukige through and through, laying slow focus on the sex scenes with only short dialogue/plot sequences in-between to establish the scenario. This time revolving around the sharp, evil gaze of the protagonist, we´re presented with two high-school girls. Quite a jump from ammolite´s previous works, where there were only one girl, a borderline loli at that. In exchange, the straightforward Sara and her shy “secretary” Fumino represent their clichés quite perfectly, in order to fit into as many unique kinks as possible. Though, even those flat archetypes are underdeveloped, presenting only the most basic of motivations and situations, to create more space for the H-scenes in the ~6-10 hours long Nukige.

Speaking of them, Sweet Switch pretty much offers something for everyone. Landing right in the middle, it´s light-hearted tone and motivations which could only work in Nukiges, create almost the perfect environment for everything from vanilla to more kinky stuff. Especially early on though, pretty much everything consists of rather unsurprising and boring at times standard scenes like titfucks. Luckily, as the game itself, almost none of them take too long to get through or spend dozens of lines with slurping sounds or over-descriptive passages.

Rather, ammolite focused on offering a wide array of scenes in a relatively short time. Generally speaking, it´s truly surprising how much diversity is in here if you don´t expect really extreme stuff. With the two girl archetypes, Sweet Switch can create some truly nice scenes, like kinky bondage ones with Sara. However, at least I always kinda lost the “immersion” when the topic shifts to her weak point of getting sexual aroused through strong gazes. I mean, it´s just so dumb, adorable and laughable at the same time, that you either hate or love it but I don´t know how many actually get turned on. Fumino on the other hand, is pretty much the walking “shy girl” stereotype, yet, here scenes work as this light-hearted Nukige action you came for, always getting straight to the point, while using her “unique” traits in an arosuing manner.

Nonetheless, there´s no scene that really impressed me or got stuck, instead, they all feel like well-done copies of everyting I´ve seen so far. Due to the shift from the “loli” or “sweat” twist seen in their previous two localised titles, to pretty ordinary school girls, I feel like ammolite seemingly gave up on their biggest strength: Delivering little experiences with a certain little fetish. Now, this whole thing felt like a comedy, due to the fact it brings up our protagonist´s strong, arousing gaze so often. As a result, all of them never felt unique.

On top of that, comes my biggest complaint about all of their titles: Sweet Switch is censored. Even though some may be confused by the low resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio for a 2015 title, I never had a problem with any of that. Instead, the censoring always hurt my eyes, especially because it´s so well-done for the price. Like any other ammolite title, the voice acting is great again, the art is super pretty at times and definitely, more than once could ask for, just like anything else. So much, that the soundtrack´s mediocrity shines even brighter.



In short, Sweet Switch doesn´t reinvent Nukiges or offers anything truly unique or worthwhile. Instead, for 15 bucks, you get a surprisingly high-quality, light-hearted adventure for anyone not willing to invest several dozens of hours into a big story or giant sex-filled magnum opus. If you´re even remotely into the premise, it definitely won´t disappoint.

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