Kuroinu Chapter 3 (18+) Review – Concluding a Journey

Platforms: PC (reviewed)

Developer: Liquid

Publisher: Mangagamer

Release: 31st May 2018

Price: 24.95$ (Mangagamer Store)

This series of 18+ Eroge reviews started quite a few months ago, didn´t it? And it all began with Kuroinu Chapter 2, the first-ever adult game reviewed on this site. Since then I tried to provide at least one article per month about quality titles in this genre, pretty much all of them from Mangagamer, because they arguably have the best quality and titles. So, now it´s finally time to return to where it all began with Kuroinu Chapter 3, the final part of this hardcore visual novel, fittingly made by people who already brought you Euphoria.

The plot remains pretty much the same, this time though, we´re presented with Celestine, LuLu and Maia. However, due to the fact I pretty much covered all the unique aspects of the base concept already in my previous review of Chapter 2, please read that one first, if you wish to hear my thoughts about the CGs and stuff, since all that stayed pretty much the same (click here)! This time, I´ll be focusing completely on the three new routes and if they´re worth the 24.95 yet again.

Starting out with probably my least liked one of the bunch: Celestine. She´s a high elf, similar in standing to a goddess for her people. Even rumoured to be the reincarnation of the goddess Larentia herself, though that´s more of a belief than fact. There´s undoubtedly no one higher in standing than her, protected by Claudia, the married knight known from Chapter 1.

Obviously, this character caters to people desiring to experience the ultimate power fantasy, violating someone even more powerful than a queen. Naturally, her personality is pretty much the perfect cliché to undermine this focus. She´s nothing more than an optimistic person always believing in the good side, doubting harm will ever come her way. As you might have guessed from her quite straightforward design, a lot of sex scenes will revolve around breasts in form of fucking, lactation and all kinds of things sticking in them. So for anyone with a fetish for a mix of these factors, Celestine will certainly be a great route. Because, except boobs and usual mind break, there´s not a whole lot of unique things. Unfortunately, I´m not someone too into the whole queen domination and already had my fair share of breasts in Funbag Fantasy Sideboob Story a few weeks back. Hence, I found all her scenes nice but never outstanding or memorable compared to the other two.


Speaking of which, LuLu is a far more special case easily overshadowing most of the other women, filling two voids at the same time. On the one hand, she´s your typical childish, little girl, who tends to verbally abuse and fight anyone in her way. Yet, don´t expect her body as well as attitude to match her actual age! In fact, she´s probably older than any of you or me. Due to the fact she´s a halfling, she isn´t only able to hold mighty great axes with ease but also looks like a cute little loli.

Already, those attributes grant a lot more possibilities in terms of variation for sex, right? Additionally, the beloved bugs (or tentacles) make a return in her route too, so she´s undoubtedly the most hardcore experience of the three. Even then, Kaguya itself, the anal priestess, is nothing compared to LuLu. Since halflings have the power to be “stretched out”, her womb and other holes have the natural ability to basically welcome everything, where every other woman was restricted by her body. From giant monster penises to giant tentacles, the possibilities are endless. For “bulge” fans, in particular, there´s some really “meaty” stuff in here. Nearly all scenes depict some sort of giant object being put inside her, effectively destroying her womb. Now all of this would be only half as fun without the angry child attitude of her. What seemed like somewhat of a strange mix quickly evolved into one of the quirkiest and most entertaining characters of the chapters. Her downfall is held way more subtle, in order to give her stupidly amazing lines room to shine. It´s more of a light-hearted approach to the typical mind-break concept, topped off with pure, hardcore brutality, which is something not seen in many Eroges, definitely not in this form of skill.


Still, what I found the most impressing about Kuroinu always were the rather complex, believable downfalls of women. Solely looking at the before mentioned characters, one might fear this aspect was put back in favour of a focus on other archetypes. Luckily, to end it all with a bang, Liquid gave us Maria, who I began to adore for her interesting concept. She´s your typical mercenary women, brutal, mature and of course not a virgin. Something unique in this series on its own. However, she also served under Vult, the Cuntry´s king, and was in love with him, before fleeing from this twisted man years ago.

Anyone should probably guess where this set-up is going and also illustrates how to make rather “vanilla” scenes interesting yet again. Through gang rapes and similar orgies, Maria begins to slowly lose herself in the midst of pleasure. Not knowing if she should hate her former love Vult for his actions or what she should do to escape, she begins to walk down the path eventually leading to the Stockholm Syndrom. Even though nothing packs quite as much punch as LuLu´s or other routes, the rather unique focus on a believable psychologic problem is something completely on its own. By committing fully to depicting an even more detailed inner conflict than seen in all other women. From insights into their past, we learn more about the rather blank, self-insert Vult and their relationship. As a result, Maria is surprisingly the deepest, most unique character in the whole Eroge, because she offers both a pleasant mix of satisfying scenes, which are never too hardcore and more personality than any other one. I was simply baffled at times how such a game can establish a convincingly told Stockholm Syndrome without wasting tons of hours in dialogues, there´s even some neat symbolism!




While many complain Mangagamer didn´t release the full package but the older three chapter version, there´s certainly a good reason. Despite all that, the third chapter presents three routes in the same old, crude way the first and second chapter did. I would even say Maria and LuLu are my favourite characters in the whole experience. Though Celestine will probably satisfy bigger boob enthusiasts more than me. Kuroinu Chapter 3 brought us more of the dark, realistic mind breaking and there´s nothing that should hinder you from picking up this Eroge if you´re interested.

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