GRIS and Metal Wolf Chaos XD – Gamescom 2018 Preview

The time has finally arrived for another Gamescom 2018. For press, consumers and pretty much everyone else a stressful ride through meetings, queues, demos and hallways. Naturally, I too, saw many games at this year´s event, indie ones in particular and am ready to tell you everything about them in the same format you already know from last year: Sorting them under their respective publishers to avoid almost insultingly short articles to get clicks and make everything a bit more informative. The first one is once again dedicated to Devolver Digital and their two “huge” games GRIS and Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

GRIS can be described in one simple word: Beautiful. Anyone who saw even one screenshot of this indie gem, already knows how enchanting it looks. The little indie team in Spain wasn´t only lucky enough to secure a great artist but actually a real life painter who paints every single frame by hand with watercolours. As a result, everything about this game looks absolutely gorgeous. For example, everytime a tree materializes itself, his backside is painted, while the sceneries really seem like taken off a giant painting. When the game combined those with occasional zoom-outs, where the whole level is visible, GRIS really does look like a playable piece of art in every regard. In the three sections of the demo, there were dozens of breathtaking moments, from the sky being flooded with colours, the bird known from the trailer floating around or simply the rainy forest, able to give water a whole new level of beauty.

What´s not nearly as enchanting though is the gameplay, that consists of pretty much your typical 2D, calm platformer. Throughout the demo the heroine jumped from tree to tree, in a slow and rarely challenging way. Even though sometimes new mechanics introduced by the bird like wind tried to stuff in new things, I already saw everything done in GRIS in other games as well. Despite the fact it feels quite direct and smooth, playing it felt like a known trip I wouldn´t want to stick with if it wouldn´t look so damn great. Hopefully there will be more new aspects in the final game to actually create something fresh.

GRIS will release in 2018 on PC and Switch


The other game I took a look at was the appropriately named Metal Wolf Chaos XD, originally released in 2004 in Japan and developed by From Software, it never saw a western release … until now. Featuring one hell of an american president as protagonist, it´s our job to mount the giant mechs and eliminate the biggest foe of the nation: The vice-president aiming to take over presidency with his army of generic soldiers, helicopters and mechs. Equipped with a giant arsenal of weapons stored in the handy warbringer, we set out to deliver chaos.

Just looking at the trailer shows that From Software developed quite different games before Demon´s Souls and so, Metal Wolf Chaos came into being, a game so full of over the top patriotism, action and crazy shit you almost can´t recognize it. While the gameplay is certainly quite old, sending you through levels with mediocre feeling aim and guns, to burst and jump everything into oblivion, the true core lies in the action. From giant explosions, giant underground bases and hilariously bad voice acting, everything´s here and ready to entertain, now in glorious 4K and with much more one would expect from a modern port!

Metal Wolf Chaos XD will release in 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

That were all the games I´ve seen at Devolver (sadly, My Friend Pedro wasn´t one of them 🙁 ). However, GRIS definitely was the highlight of this booth, presenting a breathtakingly beautiful game, that can hopefully live up to its visuals with an appropriate gameplay! Tune in during the next days to read everything about Zodiac Interactive and DotEmu´s line-up!