Darksburg / New Northgard Stuff Preview

Besides the already featured titles in this series of previews from this year’s Gamescom, I got to see another build of Shiro Games’ Darksburg and some new stuff for Northgard.

While I had the opportunity to check out Darksburg last year too, I got to play a coop section and actually go more hands-on this time, so I’ll be updating my impressions from last year here. While I didn’t quite experience something entirely new in the normal playmode compared to other 2.5D hero based PvE games, I can certainly say Darksburg feels very damn solid. Featuring a cool amount of variety in the heroes and even wolves, they all have very distinct abilities, often in sync with their visual highlights and professions and it’s simply fun killing zombies. On the other hand, the enemy selection seems merely ok so far, featuring your normal half a dozen enemies that don’t pop nearly as well due to them being zombies and not having many super unique traits. Nonetheless, it’s still a very challenging game, mainly due to the sheer mass and everyone in need of another such game will have a lot of fun in Darksburg.

What intriguied me the most was the Revenant mode though. The big feature of Darksburg are the so called Revenants, kinda like mini boss zombies with unique abilities and more life. Those aren’t all that different while played by the AI but you can also chose to let them be controlled by a player and that’s a ton of fun. The “Revenant player” gets assigned one of the available ones randomly after which he can chose where to spawn. Additionally, before spawning you can also summon little hordes and buff them, laying traps for heroes behind corners etc, as most Revenants don’t last long in a head-on battle against the heroes. Unfortunately, there are basically no customization options for the zombie side, making it seem like a more action-oriented mode to jump in, despite the higher learning curve.

So, it may not reinvent the formula but definitely promises a wide array of maps, heroes and potential for its launch into Early Access as well as beyond.

Darksburg will launch into Early Access late 2019 on PC

Expanding onto its giant success, Northgard gets a whole array of new stuff. For one, Northgard Conquest, a FTL inspired journey with your clan through various randomly selected missions, boss stages and special quests. This isn’t only a mode to challenge you and your knowledge, as all of these will be quite a lot harder than anything in the campaign but also to expand onto the tutorial aspect, showing off new, more in-depth mechanics and forcing you to use them in order to succeed. Seems like a cool new idea for a pretty straightforward strategy game.

Northgard Conquest will launch in 2019 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for free

Speaking of which, I could also take a look at the really well made console port of Northgard, full on with a radial menu rework and more tutorials, which will be coming to the PC version as well and the board game. The board game in particular looked like a fascinating idea and the prototype seemed to be of an amazing quality already, so can’t wait to see how the final product will look when the Kickstarter will launch later this year.